Brian Haught


Orange Monster

Brian is one of the Pride’s resident illustration and hand lettering pros. Brian is originally from Oklahoma. He always enjoyed drawing, so when he attended college at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, he chose Visual Communication for his major. When he graduated, he moved to Bentonville, AR to work at the Walmart home office. He still lives in northwest Arkansas, working as a professional designer. His passion is creating work that brings value to his clients. His style strikes a balance between traditional and modern. You can see his work at his business website, BHaught Design. His favorite place he’s ever worked was from an Alaskan cruise ship.

When Brian isn’t creating beautiful hand lettering and designs, you might find him roasting coffee at home, searching for a barbecue dive, or spending time with his wife, Elizabeth, his two kids, Andrew and Sarah, or his dog, Oliver. And you can be sure that if he isn’t doing anything, he has a pencil in paper in hand, creating a doodle.