Blue Zoo is a full-service creative agency that builds brands, empowers businesses, and transforms the lives of our clients and their customers. From the delightful to the weird and from the informative to the entertaining, we create digital and print experiences that help businesses of all sizes thrive. Think of this as your invitation to get creative with us.
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    Graco Corporation
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    Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission
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    Allan Taylor Website
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    Collin on Social Media and Google Web analytics
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What does your brand have to say? We pride ourselves on creating digital and print campaigns that have as their core a powerful message. By integrating user-friendly design, engaging creative, and proven advertising and marketing strategy, we connect you with your target audience locally, nationally, or globally.

Our clients include industry leaders in Northwest Arkansas and from around the country.


  • My firm has been relying on Blue Zoo as our outsourced marketing team for several years now. They understand my business, and always create an end product that I'm thrilled with. Blue Zoo also helps me put together internal documents that really wow clients and prospects. ...Blue Zoo does a great job of visually communicating who we are as a firm. My business wouldn't look half as good as it does without them!
    Barbara Taylor
  • Before working with Blue Zoo, my perception was that all WordPress sites looked alike. Well, not so! And during the whole process, when changes needed to be made, you were quick to respond.
    Stacy Cadieux
  • The "zookeepers" (reps) are easy to work with. I have expanded my web knowledge and have learned how to use WordPress, which allows us to make easy updates to our site. Additionally, our clients are able to find information much more easily than before.
    Dustin Wardlow
  • Blue Zoo Creative delivered on everything promised. The daily updates were great. We liked the fact that you took the time to understand our business. We really enjoyed the entire experience.
    Gayle McKenzie
  • My personal knowledge of web design and development has increased exponentially from our collaboration BlueZoo, and our office has a much better understanding of search engine optimization and the user experience as a result.
    Hannah Breshears
  • When it comes to the BIG creative ideas, there's only one place I go to make sure all my web and graphic design is BOLD and stands out from the crowd: Blue Zoo Creative. Eric and his team always exceed expectations and make me look great.
    Kim Hodous

Pride Members

  • Web Development and Design
    Monica Foster
  • Graphic Design and Branding
    Kate Hoopchuk
  • Web and Graphic Designer
    Josh Dunaway
  • Creative Video Marketing
    Cherokee Turner
  • Web and Graphic Designer
    Jeromy Price
  • Jamie Smith
    Content Specialist
    Jamie Smith
  • Content Specialist and Creative Writing
    Abigail Young
  • Illustrator
    Brian Haught
  • Web Design and Development
    Scarlett Hill
  • Graphic and Web Design
    Rachel Korpella
  • Content Creator and Social Media Manager
    Gretchen Friedrich
  • Content Editor and Writer
    Emalie Cockrell
  • Web Designer
    Aubrey Wood
  • Graphic Designer
    Drew Whitton
  • Lauren Sova
    Stylized Writer
    Lauren Sova
  • Photographer and Videographer
    Edwin Flores
  • Content Writer and SEO Specialist
    Jon Trobaugh
  • Sky Shabatura
    Web Developer
    Sky Shabatura
  • Graphic Design
    Casey Weatherford

Client Logos in Color Designed by Blue Zoo

  • Kim Hodous
  • Legacy National Bank
    Legacy National Bank
  • Requip
  • Milestone Construction Company
    Milestone Construction Company
  • Jim Karrh
  • Hung Ventures
    Hunt Ventures
  • East Harding Construction
  • Specialized Real Estate Group
    Specialized Real Estate Group
  • ECOVET Furniture Co.
    ECOVET Furniture Co.
  • Modus Studio
    Modus Studio
  • Moxy Ox
    Moxy Ox Printing
  • Allan Taylor Mergers & Acquisitions
    Allan Taylor Mergers & Acquisitions
  • KFB Events
    KFB Events
  • GRACO Corporation
    Graco Corporation
  • Foodwerks
  • Northwest Counseling Inc
    Northwest Counseling Inc.
  • Nonprofit Change Project
  • Mahco Outdoors
    Mahco Outdoors
  • SpinCycle
  • Stafford Development Strategies
  • SeniorWorks
  • The Wide Awakening
  • Dr Hodous
  • Noble Impact
    Nobel Impact

Backstory Boon

An online magazine featuring real stories about real people in Northwest Arkansas. Brought to you by Blue Zoo Creative.

Paying It Forward:
Lisa Benson Ray
Regional Executive for Arvest Bank