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Responsive Web Design Modus StudioHas Your Branding Lost Consistency?

From the initial branding strategy meeting, to the launch of your website, social media, and printed materials sent out to reach your market, a custom team is built for you who strives to ensure everything is consistent and communicates.

Most of all, your branded materials (online and offline) are created to do the hard work of inspiring action and drive people, wherever they are, to do something specific. Whether it’s to get someone to buy your product, educate your customer base, encourage people to join your cause, or motivate a nation to create change, your experienced team takes on the creative challenge to inspire action.

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Kim Hodous Portrait

When it comes to the BIG creative ideas, there’s only one place I go to make sure all my web and graphic design is BOLD and stands out from the crowd: Blue Zoo Creative. Eric and his team always exceed expectations and make me look great.

Hannah Breshears Portrait

My personal knowledge of web design and development has increased exponentially from our collaboration BlueZoo, and our office has a much better understanding of search engine optimization and the user experience as a result.

Gayla McKenzie Portrait

Blue Zoo Creative delivered on everything promised. The daily updates were great. We liked the fact that you took the time to understand our business. We really enjoyed the entire experience.

Dustin Wardlow

The “zookeepers” (reps) are easy to work with. I have expanded my web knowledge and have learned how to use WordPress, which allows us to make easy updates to our site. Additionally, our clients are able to find information much more easily than before.

Errol Severe

The layout of the site is very well done and has created a real BOOM for our business! Plus, I love WordPress. I’m an old geezer, but even I can handle that. It’s been the best investment we’ve ever made.

Stacy Cadieux Executive Director

Before working with Blue Zoo, my perception was that all WordPress sites looked alike. Well, not so! And during the whole process, when changes needed to be made, you were quick to respond.

Mike Czapliskie

Having a website was completely new to me. The staff of Blue Zoo has been great to work with, especially with their patience. Their enthusiasm about what was possible with a website energized me to make an additional investment. They really know what they’re doing.

Rusty Alexander

Our website, by Blue Zoo, is a marked improvement over what we had.  The best parts about working with them was the ease of communication, flexibility, adaptation to changes and the creative thinking that went into the site design. I’d recommend Blue Zoo to any small company that needs a good website.

Lida Arthaud Pandache

I liked that Blue Zoo gave a detailed project outline with dates and you accomplished your goals on time.  For me, this is something that was really good and gave me confidence in your business.  I also liked very much that Eric spent time explaining how to make changes to my website in person.

Our Work



Website Rejuvenation, Copywriting


Blue Zoo recently completed a website rejuvenation for East Harding Construction. East Harding is a well-respected construction company in NW Arkansas, specializing in client-focused work with an emphasis on sustainable design.



Website Rejuvenation, eCommerce


Blue Zoo recently completed a website rejuvenation for Yavapai Humane Society in Prescott, Arizona. Yavapai is a flagship humane society offering many services, including pet adoptions, spaying and neutering, wellness programs, and more

portfolio cover -full-Corporate-Yoga-Muse-graphic-for-newsletter-updated


Website Design, Branding


Blue Zoo created a website design and branding for CYM Group, which included graphics, logos and multiple print materials.



Website Design, eCommerce


Blue Zoo designed a website for Moxie Paints, with a fresh look, multiple usability features and eCommerce.



Website Design, Copy Editing


Blue Zoo created a rejuvenated website for Burks ADR, including some light copy editing.

portfolio - preview-full-Instagram-graphic-Jim-Karrh


Website Design, Branding, Social Media, Marketing Materials


Blue Zoo created a new website and branding for Jim Karrh, with a whole portfolio of marketing materials. We also set up and branded social media accounts for his business.

Whitaker Portfolio-Whitaker


Website, Branding, Writing


Blue Zoo recently created a website, branding and logo for the Whitaker Family Foundation. The newly formed Whitaker Family Foundation is the logical extension of the Whitaker family’s ongoing support for their community in Northwest Arkansas, and continues to focus primarily on children’s healthcare and education.

Stafford Portfolio-Stafford


Website, Branding, Writing


Blue Zoo recently launched the new website for Stafford Development Strategies, a Fayetteville company that specializes in assisting non-profits with readiness & strategic planning, fund development & gift planning, plus coaching & training.



Website Design


Blue Zoo recently had the pleasure of working with Specialized Real Estate Group to bring them a new, cutting-edge design for their company website. Specialized, an exceptional real estate development and property management company, is an award-winning leader in LEED and ENERGY STAR certified multifamily properties. Their name is synonymous in the Northwest Arkansas region […]


Collin Condray

Collin Condray

Partner / Chief Technology Officer

Eric Huber | Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer

Eric Huber

Partner / Chief Creative Officer

Megan Tucker

Megan Tucker

Chief Culture Officer

Mark Cloud Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Cloud

Partner/Chief Marketing Officer


Monica Foster

Creative Operations Director